Masters of Deception

Masters of Deception, Guy Patton, Frontier Publishing, 2009 (Soft cover)


Based on a completely re-edited text of Web of Gold, with many deletions and the addition of extensive new material, Masters of Deception has refocused the initial investigation and brings forward some startling new conclusions


In 2003, the publication of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code propelled the enigmatic Priory of Sion to international fame. Brown claimed that they were guardians of a sacred bloodline. For more than two decades, Guy Patton has been investigating the story of the priory and their real agenda. In Masters of Deception, he unveils his conclusions. The Priory does indeed operate within the milieu of occult politic; the shadowy world in which secret societies throughout the centuries have tried to influence the power of governments and the fat of nations; a world of symbols, archetypes, ritual and fantasy, where the separation of idealism, personal gain, egocentricity and criminality are often blurred.


But rather than the protection of a sacred bloodline, Patton’s investigation reveals that, in true Machiavellian style, the Priory was (and still is) only part of a web of secretive groups and individuals many of which have resorted to deception, fraud, blackmail and even murder in pursuit of hidden, and frequently sinister, goals.


Finally Masters of Deception reveals the diametrically opposing ideologies that, through the medium of occult politics, are driving the foreign policies of the world’s political powers. These deep-rooted ideologies will ensure continued conflict between the world’s so-called major democracies and Islam and its supporters.


Masters of Deception is currently widely available in the USA, the UK, and through and