Why Arcadia 7

Arcadia7 symbolises the fusion of a vision and the search for the fundamental truths that create our perception of reality. The goal is to discover the keys to perfect harmony between Nature and Man, leading to the ultimate recreation of an archetypal Golden Age.


A land steeped in myth and legend, the geographical Arcadia is a wild and mountainous region of Greece located in the eastern central area of the Peloponnese peninsula. According to the ancient Greeks, Arcadia was named after the god, Arcas, the son of Zeus and Callistro.


Populated by simple rustic folk, Arcadia was the home of the god, Pan, a son of Hermes the winged messenger. Pan was the god of nature and watched over the shepherds and shepherdesses whom he delighted with his magical melodies on the Syrinx, commonly known as Panpipes.


From the sixteenth century, this remote untamed wilderness of mythology and geographical reality became a symbol for an aspiration – the return of a long-lost Golden Age. The search still continues in the twenty-first century for the wisdom that will allow mankind to progress towards this goal. Although we must accept that the ultimate achievement of such a Golden Age is not a realistic possibility, the individual’s journey of discovery is a worthy, satisfying, and life-changing experience.


For centuries, and by many diverse cultures, the number seven has assumed a magical significance. It has come to symbolise the Universe and Universal truths, so combined with the concept of Arcadia, the motif of Arcadia7 is a powerful symbol of the quest for a renewed Golden Age of enlightenment.


Immersed as we are in this highly technical, regulated and frenetic world, it is time perhaps to try to step back into another world, one of myth, legend, and fantasy. Using the enormous power of our imaginations we can all create a vision of the world in which we would like to live.


Recent research into the life and works of Nicolas Poussin has revealed that this great seventeenth century painter was involved in such a quest. He was involved with philosophical and scientific circles frequented by some of the greatest minds in Europe who were embarked on this common mission. Utilising the power of art, Poussin incorporated the symbol of Arcadia7 into his work and was thus able to communicate the vision and assist with the journey of discovery towards the recreation of a Golden Age.


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